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ALERT! Look out for Invasives Entering Nova Scotia (ALIENS)
is an e-mail based discussion list for scientists, government officials, environmental non-government organizations, Aboriginal Peoples, horticulturalists, community members, naturalists, educators, business persons, and others in Nova Scotia to facilitate information exchange and discussion about Alien Invasive Species in Nova Scotia. ALIENS is an open forum by which subscribers can post items relevant to Alien Invasive Species in Nova Scotia, such as news articles, government policies, action alerts, scientific studies, etc.; review items posted by others; and discuss opinions, policies, and results with other ALIENS subscribers.

Recognizing that Alien Invasive Species are a clear and present threat to our living environments and natural native life in Nova Scotia, ALIENS was formed in 2007 by an ad-hoc committee of Nova Scotian organizations, government departments, and citizens who are concerned about Alien Invasive Species existing in Nova Scotia and the pathways by which they spread or by which new Alien Invasive Species can enter Nova Scotia. ALIENS connects many diverse groups and people in Nova Scotia who are affected by or concerned about Alien Invasive Species in Nova Scotia.

Information shared and topics discussed on ALIENS are wide ranging from introductory educational materials, which ALIENS subscribers can use to better inform and educate the general public, to future policy statements and scientific findings, which help keep ALIENS subscribers abreast with changing events.

The Nova Scotia Alien Invasive Species ad-hoc committee includes Nova Scotia and Federal Government Departments, Environmental Non-Government Organizations, Aboriginal Organizations, Academic Institutions, and others who desire to work together, involve others, and bring to the forefront the clear and present threats of Alien Invasive Species in Nova Scotia and the on-going efforts to address this Nova Scotia wide problem.

ALIENS is hosted by IKANAWTIKET - dedicated to coordinating, linking, informing, partnering, involving, and educating people about our natural living world and how to respect Mother Earth through Aboriginal Peoples' eco-centric world view and Indigenous Knowledge.

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